Leaders in managing the supply chain between producer and processor.

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GrainCo Holdings.

Our Subsidiary Companies:

  • GrainCo Trading enables the efficient flow of grain from producer (farm) to silo/depot, the processor or commodity trader. The company’s goal is to manage the supply chain in a way that provides economies of scale, and strives to give the producer the lowest cost structure and the best price for his product.

  • GritCo produces high quality yellow maize grits for the Southern African market.

  • BKB Grain Storage has depots throughout South Africa’s summer and winter grain producing areas. The company stores and manages more than 500 000 tons of grain and lucern annually. Over the years the company has gained invaluable experience and expertise in the practical management and handling of grain stores.

  • BKB Logistics manages a large fleet of trucks to ensure the efficient flow of agricultural products. The company manages a national logistical network.


GrainCo's Vision

GrainCo's vision is to have a National Grain Procurement Presence and Brand through:

• Relationship Managers/Traders,
• Grain Depots,
• Logistics,
• Input Finance,
• Further Processing.

This makes GrainCo the preferred counterparty for millers and traders who want to outsource the inbound management of the supply chain of grains, proteins and other feedstuffs.


A commitment to traditional values and innovative agri solutions have over the years transformed BKB Limited into a household name and a fully-fledged company with shareholders.

Today, as the recognizable Home of Agriculture... we pride ourselves in not only having secured the widest footprint across our country, but also the deepest. We offer a dedicated team of professionals and advisors across various levels of business, understanding what you need, when you need it.